10TRAX#004: Mata Hari

Hosted by Undermad

On October the 15th 1917, Mata Hari,a well know Dutch exotic dancer, was executed in Vincennes after being convicted of spying. A mysterious and enigmatic figure, her story is borderline mythical. As you can imagine we didn't pull out the ouji board and got in touch with the kind spirits to receive a fresh mix from the dead Dutch double-agent... However the Mata Hari responsible of compiling the 4th 10TRAX is also Dutch and for all we know she might also be a double-agent; although we are awaiting confirmation on that. We first got in touch with Mata via Souncloud were her eclectic and cosmic mixes instantly caught our attention. With a fascinating narrative, her 10TRAX take us on a trip across several female vocals and what she calls 'Mata's Mantras' - TL 01. James Tatum - Alleluia 02. Sun-Ra And His Mythic Science Arkestra - Somebody Else's Idea 03. Jeff Alexander - Come Wander With Me 04. Gloria Ann Taylor - World That's Not Real 05. Broadcast - Look Outside 06. White Noise - Love Without Sound 07. Various Haitian Artists - Nan Point La Vie Encore Oh! 08. Margo Guryan - Love 09. Rotary Connection - I Am The Black Gold of The Sun 10. Irene Reid - Didn't We