10TRAX#006: MT Hadley

Hosted by Undermad

This week we are introducing MT Hadley, a young and very promising musician from London. His 10TRAX are without a doubt the most varied we have received so far and might confuse one or two people along the way. Ranging from Opera, to arabic music, 80's Pop and The Beach Boys, his selection offers another dimension to heterogeneity. MT thinks there is no musical genre without value and that value lies within the individual's own emotive communication. Following this thought, he believes genre boundaries are usually just chance, social background, and location. He hopes that listeners will be able to see similarities, at least emotionally, in the pieces he picked A philosophy graduate, MT took a break from music to concentrate in his studies. He's now writing music again and seems to be preparing something really interesting that will surely have us all talking. His song ‘It Hurts', which he released under the name Creeper, will give you a better idea of what he's got in store. We hope you will enjoy this mix. If you want to read more about/from MT follow him on Twitter @MTHADLEY. - TL 01. Miles Davis - Rated X 02. Tiana Xiao- Aquarium 03. Osama Al Attar - Ma Ariflak Makan 04. Todd Rundgren - Lost Horizon 05. The Beach Boys - All I Wanna Do 06. Henri Duparc (sung by Paul Groves; accompanied by Roger Vignoles) - Soupir 07. F. R. David - Words 08. Jerry Butler - I Don't Want to Hear It Anymore 09. Ray Lema - Nzola 10. Arthur Russell - Love Comes Back