10TRAX#010: Duktus

Hosted by Undermad

Thanks to @duktus - Stefan, aka Duktus, started collecting records at the age of 16. Back then the Iron Curtain made it hard for young people like Stefan to find good records in East Germany. In the 90's things changed and by the year 2000 Duktus, influenced by the last decade of the 20th century, started to make beats. He's been at it ever since, releasing on labels such as Brownswood, Soulection or Cascade Records. He confesses that for him music is “not only a hobby it's more a way of life. My inspiration comes from my environment and the things which happens in my life”. His name, Duktus, means in latin “the number of strokes that make up a written letter, and the direction, sequence and speed in which they are written”. This is a reference to his days as a writer when graffiti took up his time. He claims he's now too old to paint graffitis late at night. However, if the weather is nice and there are a few beers going he is always down to join his friends and draw a little. He's expected to drop his first solo release on vinyl later this summer. The 6 track EP, HANNAH, is dedicated to his 3 year old daughter and will be out on Think Loud and Resistant Mindz. Make sure to check it out! - TL 1. Postpartum - Taylor mc ferrin 2. running feat. wayne snow - max graef 3. why? - astrological 4. allways will feat. mushina - eric lau 5. vixen - astrological 6. untitled - duktus 7. dont want the regular - henry wu 8. itzehoe - max graef 9. drums of death - max graef 10. thatmanmonkz - Remember *Glenn Astro's Reminisce