10TRAX#016: Perfume Advert

Hosted by Undermad

Thanks to @perfume-advert - Perfume Advert are Aaron Turner and Thomas Brown from Middlesbrough, UK. They have had releases through 1080p, Where To Now? and Opal Tapes, and have an upcoming releases via Seagrave and Steel67 this Autumn. Turner and Brown are also each working on solo projects (Anxiety Support Group and South Gare respectively) and hope to see releases for both of these ventures in 2016. As you can gather from the tracklist Turner and Brown like to make things interesting. Unlike Middlesbrough FC legend Gaizka Mendieta, these guys are not DJs: “Neither of us are DJs, so we always just try and have fun with our ‘mixes'. Sometimes they end up kinda goofy, but whatever. Always like to throw in some pop stuff too, so we snuck a Miley Cyrus acapella in there!” These are just 10 tracks we like. Nothing more really, no deep intentions. Just a lighthearted jog round a few pillars and posts. Hopefully it's cohesive enough for everyone to enjoy." We surely enjoy this little journey through the pairs sound and would like to thank them for their 10TRAX. Don't forget to keep an eye out for their upcoming material. - TL 01. Toshimaru Nakamura - Nimb #42 02. My Bloody Valentine - No More Sorry 03. Sculpture - En-Orb 04. Miley Cyrus - Party In The USA 05. Tortoise - TNT 06. SND - Four 07. Vladimir Ussachevsky - Wireless Fantasy 08. Paavoharju - Kevätrumpu 09. South Gare - Flight Path 10. Durutti Column - Missing Boy