10TRAX#020: videogamemusic

Hosted by Undermad

Thanks to @videogamemusic-3 - Videogamemusic is a London-based label founded by Sam Bistrow aka DJ Clock Town. Videogamemusic is some of the best the electronic landscape of Bandcamp has to offer, releasing both digitally and on tape. They have released artist such as portuguese trio Niagara or the mysterious Uio Loi, to name a few. There is quite a personal feel to the label. There is also a high standard of material and good sense of humor, in both its releases and Twitter account, which make of its creator a quite endearing character. We asked Sam to share a few words with us about the mix and this is what he had to say: "Hi everyone sam from videogamemusic here! these ten tracks stuck together are my way of showing everyone how weird and smart the music i listen to in my spare time is and how cool that must make me. some of the artists in here will also be releasing on the label at some point although not all of them know that yet. hope you love it! " We would like to thank Sam for the selection and the general good vibes :) More to come next week... - TL 01. Different Fountains - Muybridge (Karen Gwyer Remix) 02. Negra Branca - Doll Mares 03. Basic House - TV Illness 04. NHK'koyxen - 670 05. Shit and Shine - Value 06. Etienne Jaumet - Midnight Man (Gilb'r Midnight Version) 07. Clement Meyer - Med Band Trailer 08. Co La - Head Hole In Space 09. Not Waving - Not Feasible Certainly Impractical 10. L.Pierre - Sad Laugh