10TRAX#022: Tahira

Hosted by Undermad

Thanks to @tahira - This week we travel to Sao Paolo thanks to DJ Tahira. An established figure of the paulista nightlife, Tahira has been at it for over 20 years. We found out about Tahira through his amazing EBS Podcast. You can find really cool mixes there, all accompanied by extensive tracklists to dig into for weeks! His 10TRAX is fun and exactly what we'd imagine a night with Tahira would be, mixing everything from Jazz to House with a special brazilian touch. He tells us that as a DJ he likes to “spin old and new music at the same set. So, this is what I did. Eclectic. New and old. And add some music with my touch. My point of view”. We hope you enjoy listening to Tahira's point of view as much as we have. Obrigados ;-) - TL 01. Friends From Rio - Anthemia (Tahira Remix) 02. Karina Buhr - Do Pila 03. Fafa de Belem - Naturalmente (Bernardo Pinheiro Edit) 04. Parker Madicine - Mazimuth 05. Donnie Hathaway - Back Together Again 06. Ney Matogrosso - Vida Vida 07. Sonzeira - Um Toque (Tahira Rework) 08. Koko - Burning Baby (Mareh Mashup) 09. Beatconductor - The C Path 10. Obata - Respect to Marku