Many thanks to @alo-sound - The new 10TRAX comes straight from Ciudad de Mexico. From ambient to house, Alo creates a great atmosphere mixing these 10 beautiful songs. He says: "Hey, I'm Alo. I am 24 years old and currently living in Satelite, a CDMX suburb where I grew up with friends and people who, in one way or another, are close to music too. Back in the day, I used to play in a noise rock band but right now, I'm closer to electronic music as well as to music which has been created in Mexico, in different genres, styles or formats over the XX century. Nowadays, I'm the host of Reflejo, a creative platform included in the university radio station Ibero 90.9 FM in CDMX. I've been joining it for some years now, alongside my friend Allan (Cor.S), to whom I dedicated, to a greater or lesser extent, this selection. This is a mix of tracks which was created in my room at the first attempt, and it has a lot of personal memories in it. Some are songs that I've found recently, but I've also included some that are important to me and from artists that have accompanied me since the beginning in my electronic music incursion. I play regularly in CDMX, and I'll do my first expedition abroad soon. There are currently a lot of things that inspire me and it excites me to be part of this resonance. Thank you Pablo for the invitation, and also Pepito, Max, Nico and all the friends from Emule". Thank you Alo for your time and kindness. We wish you the best in your current and upcoming projects. And you, listener, make sure to take 1h of your time to listen to this fantastic mix. See you all soon! Peace - TL 1. Paul Horn - Song For Edward/Voyager II 2. Optic - Relic 3. Dresvn - Brunswick 4. Timeman Extra Soft 5. Tim Jackiw - Patterns in the Sand 6. Lnrdcroy - Sunrise Market (Extended Version) 7. [Unknown Artist] - Lazy Bones 8. Area - Desde 9. SVN - Track 2 10. K. Leimer - Four Pages From An Unfinished Novel/Field Characteristics [Excerpt]