Many thanks to @xela-music - Yo! It's been quite a while since the last 10TRAX, but we're back with a compilation by Alex Coppola, also known as Xela. Philadelphia based, member of the “Late Feelings” trio (@late-feelings), whose profile i recommend you to have a look at if you'd like to get transported to different parts of our Planet through quality, non-electronic music. We found this artist wandering through Soundcloud, whose heterogeneous mixes that can be found in his profile immediately caught our eye. If you go over it, you would find rare african music compilatons, nature ambient series, rare asian music sets and even a mix featuring North Korean Muisc... All of them carefuly put together, hence showing a delicate taste for music that pushed us to ask Xela if he could record something for us. And so he did. We are proud to introduce you to this year's first 10TRAX. What you could hear in it can be described down below, with this week's guest's own words. Xela's words: “I like Miguel's term, exploratory music, and I follow that here - A selection of music relating to islands, coastlines, the feeling of floating in the ocean...field recordings, folk, ambient, contemporary experimental. taking cues from exotica and the allure of paradise, but hopefully to flip those tiki bar tropes on their head :) I should also mention that sections of Valentina Villarroel's field recording 'Mares' appears throughout.” Close your eyes, and get ready for a journey that would take you to unexplored destinations around the Globe... Salam Alex, thank you so much for your time and your willingness to collaborate with us. - TL 1. David Fanshawe - Faikava Love Song (recorded) 2. Bitchin Bajas - Poong Kaan (School of Fish) 3. Gonzo - SE Asian Noises, Pt. 1 (excerpt) 4. Orquesta De Las Nubes - Divertimento Segundo 5. Flute Ensemble from Guadalcanal Island - Rihe Mumu 6. Haku - Ho'omana'o (Remember Song) 7. Pacific 231 - Jewels of the Ocean (Miyake) 8. Magnetophonique - Lush Islands 9. Mike Cooper - On Passing Bamboo 10. Mawaca - Allundé, Alluyá / Murucututu