Thanks to @hvl - It's with great pride that we present the latest installment to the series. A selection of 10 succulent ambient tracks from Georgian producer HVL… I stumbled upon this producer through one of our own 10TRAX (#017), as I was trying to get to know more about downtempo sounds… I was happy to find out that play after play, all of his tracks were amazing, due to their quality (obviously) but also thanks to their originality, seen as I hadn't really heard anything like it before. His 10TRAX much like his productions is a perpetual and somewhat thrilling trip through the kilohertz. We would like to thank Gigi for his time and his amazing contribution! - TL 01. Tortoise - Dear Grandma And Grandpa 02. Fitz Ellarald - A 03. Donato Dozzy - Concert For Snails 04. Boards Of Canada - Breaking Nehushtan 05. Linkwood - Sigma 3 06. Panoram - Another Brick In Your Fantasy 07. Meow Moon - Exit Local Atmosphere 08. Nobukazu Takemura - Mirrors In Mirror 09. Shine Grooves - AA Secret 10. KWC 92 - Night Drive