10TRAX#29: Nicuri

Hosted by Undermad

Thanks to @nicuri - This week we travel to Union City, New Jersey, thanks to the great Ruben Candelario aka Nicuri. Nicuri delighted us last april with his amazing EP Orbital Chords out on Growin Music. Replay, his latest release on his own label Sound Theories is also great and he says there will be more coming before the end of the year… For this mix Nicuri says that “the tracks I've selected were more about a spectrum of styles & depth. Also, juggling with a few transitions to create a sort of tapestry. Marvis Dee Subconscious EP on Lime Street Music and Dona "City With No Fear" on Points are tracks that are unreleased, so keep an eye out.” We would like to thank him for his time and for the mix and would like to wish him the very best with all future projects. Oh and by the way, if you happen to be in Brooklyn on Dec the 12th, make sure to get down to the Good Room where Nicuri will be playing b2b with Huerco S, alongside Efdemin who is also on the bill… - TL 01. Tomi Chair - Green Water (Remaster) (Carlos Nilmmns Glasgow Tease Remix) 02. Marvis Dee - Jungle Trip 03. Geena - Box of Exotica 04. Leif - Circumstance 4 05. Dona - City With No Fear 06. OL - Wet Paint 07. S/D - The Launderette 08. DVS 1 - Ecks 09. Terence Fixmer - Lovesick (Monoloc Rmx 0.0.2) 10. Antigone - Menace of the Species