10TRAX#30: Johannes Volk

Hosted by Undermad

Thanks to @johannes-volk - Johannes Volk is known for his releases on Axis, Sistrum, Dolly, Construct Re-Form and on his own label Exploration. He is a vinyl collector at heart and his DJ sets known for combining an open minded, raw and hypnotic techno sound. At the age of 14, Johannes came into contact with Detroit Techno, from this time he began to explore the roots of electronic dance music and collecting records. He decided to start his own label to release only his material in 2011. Named Exploration, the imprint is dedicated to conceptual Techno and Science-Fiction music and has given Johannes full creative freedom to amazing effect. As he says "You know, sometimes the market for "electronic music" feels a bit stupid today. A lot of people wants to give you a stamp "techno dj" "house dj"...I've discussed this a lot with Steffi and Efdemin. I really love stuff from labels like Relief, Svek, Ferox...which are not focused on a genre. Sometimes a Techno set is more funky or deeper than a House set." We leave you now with Johannes's selection. We really hope you will enjoy it as much as we do! Peace. - TL 01. Johannes Volk - Hydro Funk 02. Legowelt - On The Tigertrain 03. Sisterhood - Tannhauser (Juju & Jordash Remix) 04. Larix - Aurora 05. Kitkatone - Cheapskate 06. Stefan Vincent - Conflate 07. Voiski - Ad infinitum 08. Dj Bone - Differ-ent (Hrall) 09. Kartei - Coco 10. Johannes Heil - Calling (Pt.1)