10TRAX#37: Personal Mythologies

Hosted by Undermad

Thanks to @personalmythologies - The 37th installment in the series comes from the madrileño Personal Mythologies. He has been a frequent contributor of the night's Abismal and Post Club since their beginnings. He now resides in London, where he puts on events such as Milagro and aestival (alongside the Music Hackspace). Since he started playing music in guitar bands he has found his biggest inspiration to be the altered states of mind reached from musical improvisations. This is why his current production set up and methods consists of one take live improvisations with little or no post-editing. During his live sets he delivers improvised industrial techno with the help of his simple sequencers he developed himself with Max/MSP. A couple months ago he released his first EP, “Los Dinasaurios”, on a new Madrid label, Hooded Records, which is also run by members of the Post collective. Although his productions are defined by a more electronic, specifically techno, sound, his selection for this 10TRAX gives us a less focused and more eclectic image of PM. The mix is divided in two parts, the first one being more acoustic and vocal, whilst the second half is more electronic. We can find here 10TRAX favourites such as Arthur Russell as well as internet rarities like Gojira's edit. According to PM this mix represents his taste and what he likes outside of dance music, which we love. Press play and enjoy your next hour with this fun selection :P - TL 01. Coil - The Last Amethyst Deceiver 02. Arthur Russel - This Is How We Walk On The Moon 03. Scott Walker - Epizootics 04. La Banda Plastica de Tepetlixpa - Eleanor Rigby 05. The Gentle People - Relaxation Central 06. Moebius & Plank - Miss Cacadou 07. Godjira - Real Friends Are Tranquilo & Favoravel 08. Muslimgauze - Mumbai Vibe Garden 09. Squarepusher - Tundra 10. Phat Pepe - Compton (Trap Predicador)(Nuevo Estilo Unico En El Mundo)