10TRAX#38: Mike Burns

Hosted by Undermad

Thanks to @mikeburns - Mike says he's always been a fan of all things funky. He adds that: “now with the combo of global warming and the easy lifestyle here in vienna my growing affinity for the tropical side of things these past years just seems natural ;)”. Thus, this 10TRAX from mikeBurns touches on some of his favourite tropical disco and funk. A feel good mix, full of diversity and difficult not to dance to! One of his latest projects is a shared 12” release on Legalize Lambada with Albion Venables, who also took part in our 10TRAX series. He's got a couple more upcoming edits coming on Kojak Giant Sounds, Rotating Souls and Madrid label Villalegre Records. If you happen to be around Vienna make sure to check out a couple parties he puts on in the town. From the monthly Disco Fetish, which is focused, as you can imagine, on Disco music, to the less regular, afro themed, Club Majik. We would like to thank Mike for this sweet selection, which suits perfectly the first days of summer! Make sure to check out his Soundcloud where he regularly uploads fresh edits: @mikeburns Peace! - TL 01. Dizzy K - Konga Mama 02. Kool DJ Dust - A Brew With My Crew 03. Wally Badarou - One Day Won't Give It Away 04. Alfredo De La Fe - Hot To Trot 05. Mau Mau - Bate Palma 06. Judith Ravitz - Boiadeiro 07. Frankie Zhivago - Funky Junkanoo (Dub Version) 08. Ti Plume & Cie - Mammy Pa Kité'm 09. Jenny Pakeera - I'm Going Fine 10. Orchestra BB - Go Away