Thanks to @diegovnavarro - Introducing Diego Navarro, a Valencia based producer and designer we found in mini odyssey on Soundcloud. His hyper-real sound is extremely provocative and engaging as you can hear from his production. He also runs a couple of very interesting projects called ROOHM y CU)LO which we highly recommend you to check out. For this 10TRAX he selected a combination of new and old faves, looking to build a sound narrative around the relationship between the natural and the technological, looking for sounds whose origins are hard to determine and that sit in that divide. We should point out that all the tracks are mixed with samples taken from robotics demo videos, industrial machines, natural landscapes and amateur videos amongst others, which adds to the general complexity Diego looks to showcase. About the mix, this weeks selector shares these words: “The wake of a new artificial life, injected memories all come at once, an identity is building. Shapes between the synthetic and the organic place themselves along neural structures, a twisted maze, full of strange paths and, among them, a memory that seems to come from another world”. From Undermad we would like to thank Diego for this amazing mix and we hope you will enjoy it just as much as us. Peace - TL 01. ¬b (fka Lee Bannon) - 3m2-disc1 02. Kai Whiston - Melville 03. TCF - 49f05cb8022d9adc0f7044590bfcacbfr7c0135b9772dccd7837f8 04. Jed Kurzel - Spot 05. Headlock - All Over 06. Pura Paku Alaman - Ketawang Puspawarna 07. Lexxi & Elysia Crampton - Esposas 2013 (No Drums) 08. Amnesia Scanner - AS Gardens Need Walls 09. Music For Your Plants - 055XB HEXAL 10. Sentinel - Guardian