10TRAX#42: James Booth

Hosted by Undermad

Thanks to @jboothmusic - James Booth is a producer from Manchester with loads of material out on labels like 100% Silk, Out To Lunch or Nous. Although he is relatively new to the scene, James output seems never ending, with several projects on the horizon. Via email he let's us know that he is working on a couple of releases for 2017 as well as a collab with Seb Wildblood from the South London label Church, on which James has just released an EP. James is a big fan of Ambient and New Age music. He produces tracks of those genres under his moniker North Vest, with which he recently released an album, Fulda, on the label Speaker Footage. With so many releases we really wonder where James got the time to record this mix, but here we have it! A mix which is more tied to his work as North Vest than his stuff as James Booth, he tells us that “this is a mix I made for listening to in the morning. It's designed to ease you into the day peacefully and clear away any bad energy from the night's sleep. I make lots of these kind of mixes as I'm very particular about what I listen to in the morning. Gotta start the day well and with peace. Alternatively I think it would make a good long bath mix…” Following James' advice, we are running a bath and going to press play on his 10TRAX, hopefully you can join us. Undermad would like to thank James Booth for his contribution and we hope you enjoy his mix. Peace The artwork design is by weeeirdos.tumblr.com/ - TL 01. Hypochondria Of The Heart - Les Halles 02. Remind - Benoit Pioulard 03. Environments - 12 Intonations 04. Iasos - The Angels Of Comfort 05. Iasos - Lueena Coast 06. Inner Flight - First Light (Part 9) 07. Ancient Echoes - Steven Halpern & Georgia Kelly 08. Matthew Barlow - Sun 09. Skybirds - Skybirds 10. Bartosz Kruczy-ski - Parco Degli Acquedotti