10TRAX#44: Electronic Badminton King

Hosted by Undermad

Thanks to @electronic-badminton-king - This installment comes all the way from Slovenia thanks to our friend Electronic Badminton King aka Jure. It's a mix of electronic sounds for all tastes, which successfully guides us through deep and fun tracks. Jure tells us that he selected a few of his all time favourites, which he enjoys both at home and out in the club: “From delicate Mr. Handagote (the whole soundtrack to Machinarium is amazing, be sure to play this great game!), Electrosaurus's track on Chilli Space (compilation of deep electronic music from Slovenia), Larry Heard's epic ambient, Bill Converse (my favourite release of the year), deep melodic electro of Louis Haiman, CN, AFX and Photodementia (just the way I like it), crazy banger from Ceephax Acid Crew, and funky Drexciya stomper to finish it off.” About him, he says that he's busy preparing a live performance with his band Niplodok at the legendary Klub K4 of Ljubljana where he has been organising events with his label Scienceofuse. Over the years they've managed to bring to the city artist such as Alexander Robotnick, A Guy Called Gerald, Legowelt, Modeslektor, to name a few. We hear that he is working on new tracks which will hopefully become official releases. You can get a taster of what to expect in a recent podcast he recorded for the label Bronktoys. As always, we would like to thank Jure for his time and for sharing with us this beautiful mix! If you ever end up in Slovenia make sure to check him out. - TL 1. Tomáš Dvořák (Floex) - Mr. Handagote 2. Electrosaurus - BedCluster181015 3. Larry Heard - Faint Object Detection 4. Bill Converse - Inward Fathoms 5. Louis Haiman - Passage 6. CN ‎- Cross-Galactic Relay System 7. AFX - Crying In Your Face 8. Photodementia - Astrography 9. Ceephax Acid Crew - Vladijenk II 10. Drexciya - Unknown Journey VII