10TRAX#47: Manmade Deejay

Hosted by Undermad

Thanks to @manmade-deejay - What better way to kick off 2017 than with a mix by danish selector Mathias aka Manmade Deejay? This 22 year-old is part of the Safe Distro family based in Århus which includes the labels Regelbau, No Hands and Help Recordings, amongst others. Mathias tells us that he met the rest of the rest of the collective going out and playing around his town. Formed by eleven members, the Regelbau family came together thanks to shared interests, and have been putting out strong records since 2015. As far as Mathias is concerned, he is a ordinary guy, who enjoys a beer with friends, going out and bad jokes. He is now focused on working in the new studio he recently acquired with some friends in the center of Århus and releasing as much music as possible. In this mix we can hear a mix of vibes as he juggles between house and jungle. Here is what he has to say about it: “I just chose tracks that I really like at the moment, rather than overthink it, I just record it and then it is what it is. I recorded it in my room, on a cold and grey day, with the heating on and pants with good elasticity (for added comfort).” Last but not least, he would like to give a s/o to “Chris, Natal, Milán, Anders, My family, Tape-Crew,Lau, Guntermann, and the RB-Boys”. We would like to thank him for sharing this mix with us and wish him the best in this new year! He leaves us with one short and final message: “be who you want to be”. - TL 01. Hiroshi Yoshimura - Forest Side 02. Jark Prongo - Spadet 03. Gemini - Snow Drop 04. Thee J Johanz - Salam (felixthecat mix) 05. The 4th Wave - Electroluv 06. Source Direct - Stars 07. Chameleon - Links 08. Scott Sellars - Let's Dance Shall We 09. Bou-Khan - Magic 10. Maizena - Sojouring Music (SPCE Mix)