10TRAX#49: Geroge Hysteric

Hosted by Undermad

Thanks to @hysteric - It's been nearly two years since we started this mix series, and it's also been nearly two years since we got in touch with this week's selector. Australian DJ George Hysteric has always been in our list and, after a long and rewarding wait, he has finally made his contribution. Although we asked for this mix way before the world felt like it was on the brink of the apocalypse, the feeling we get from this dark, and at times sad, mix is that it is fitting with 2017. As you can hear on the first track of the mix (a cover of Sting) “in Europe and America, there's growing feeling of hysteria”. However, as depressed as one can get listening to this mix, you have to applaud the ability of the this avid collector to put together such a coherent piece. If you have a listen to his edits and other releases on labels like Bordello A Parigi, Public Possession, Ostra Discos or his own Mothball Records, you will see another side to Hysteric, a side full of Italo Disco, 80's Pop and other more “upbeat” sounds. The version of Hysteric presented here however, is not new. In early 2013 he started a Facebook group dedicated to the more eccentric side of music called Strange Music From Beyond. Hysteric's goal with this group was to create a platform to share his more bizarre and obscure tastes. Nowadays the group has gone as far as being the principal influence of acclaimed dutch festival Strange Sounds From Beyond. Via email George tells us that “ the 10TRAX I have selected are the ones I feel most strongly connected to, that I find myself always wanting to listen when alone, but can never play in a club or bar environment. It's true that many of these songs could be described as ‘dark' or ‘sad', but personally I feel a great sense of peace and tranquility when listening to them. These songs and the albums/EPs they belong to, serve as an antidote to listening and playing club music on a regular basis. My interest in this kind of music led me to start the “Strange Music from Beyond” facebook group in 2013, now an active community with over 4000 members. www.facebook.com/groups/1506616632897213/ ” So there you go, if you have enjoyed the mix as much as we have do not forget to become members of SMFB. The whole Undermad crew would like to thank George for his contribution… it was definitely worth the wait. - TL 01. Cicciolina - Russians 02. Yoran – “Montparnesse 03. Borghesia – “Lini Je Sile” 04. A.T.R.O.X. – “Overture to the Tales” 05. Dark White – “Article of Life” 06. Le Joyaux de La Princesse – “Untitled” 07. Coldreams – “Eyes” 08. Jean Constantin – “Le Quatre cent coups” 09. Steven Jesse Bernstein – “Dancing to the Radio” 10. G & M de Angelis – The Shadow of the Killer”