10TRAX#50: Fred Naked

Hosted by Undermad

Thanks to @fred_naked - Our objective with this series has always remained the same: music discovery. To deliver on our goal we have always looked to get in touch with a mix of selectors from all around the world, varying in styles and backgrounds, but with something in common: a love for sharing music whilst sharing the music they love. For number 50 we have chosen someone who we felt shared our hunger for discovering music. Matthew Stancombe aka Fred Naked is a biologist at the University of Cambridge with a passion for music. He runs the blog Disco Village, the radio show Restless Funk and has a vast musical knowledge. He was kind enough to give us an amazing track by track run down of his selection, which we have chosen to keep unedited for your reading pleasure. This is what he had to say: “What's notable about this selection is that which is absent, Sun Ra, Disco 12”s, African Boogie, all feature heavily in my home listening although you can feel their presence across most of the records chosen. Within the selection, are all “proto-” this and “proto-” that records and so it pretty much sums up the music that I like. I find the most interesting times in music are those when a new style is about to be born, a hint of excitement, the whiff of change, familiar yet strange and artists teetering on the edge of a precipice, just hanging on through the groove. For 16 years I've hosted a radio show for Cambridge University and the rough tagline was ‘music for the psychedelic dance floor' which meant I could play pretty much anything, nicely satisfying my thirst for the unfamiliar and exotic.” From Undermad we would like to thank Matt and all the contributors that have inspired and made this series possible. Stay tuned for more… - TL 01. Tsehaitu Baraki - Le Bola 02. Ibrahim Hussein - Night of Red Henna 03. Soliman Gamil - Musical Images 04. Exotic Prince The Insane One with his Friends Super Stars of 74 - Work 05. Opossum - Amina 06. Kissoon Ramasar Family - Tassa Kalinda 07. Muruga & The Global Village Ceremonial Band - Self-A-Dilic Funk (Live) 08. Sarah Vaughan - The Smiling Hour 09. Mano Marcelin - You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine 10. CCC Imole Parish - Aja Kii Roro