Thanks to @esb-trax - This week we bring a mix made by Elka , aka ESB aka Logic Systems, producer from Vancouver. Elka is a producer who have been pretty active this last years with a really peculiar and diverse production style. He released music in labels such as 1080p or Ghost89, bringing some intense freshness to the Vancouver scene. Elka is soon releasing a record in the Canadian label "Heart to Heart", where he shares half of the record with D.Tiffany (Dj Zozi), keep an eye on it. In the mix we can appreciate different music genres floating from Disco to Funk, House and Jungle, an eclectic selection where we can see his interesting DJ facet, also his references as a producer. Like he told us, it's a mix made with tracks that he specially likes recorded with simple transitions. Much Love - TL 01. Art Of Noise - Camilla 02. Marvis Dee - Vision Of The Third Eye 03. Paradise Inc - Deep Thoughts 04. Ron Trent- Across Your Mind 05. Oblivion - Last Dance 06. Todd And Terry - Don't Fall 07. Kajagoogoo - Hang On Now (Instrumental) 08. Ilija Rudman - Second Screen 09. Cookie - Choose Me (4AM Mix) 10. Ballistic Brothers - Blacker (4 The Good Times)