Thanks to @Wonderland-avenue - This week's selection was put together by Tsukasa Ito. An enigmatic figure from the Japanese scene, he initially worked for Cisco Records. A music lover and record collector, he plays at Tabiji, a monthly venue run by himslef and Chee Shimizu (the man behind the online store “Organic Music”) in the Japanese club “Shelter”. Tabiji means “voyage” in Japanese, which perfectly represents the music featured by this week's selector. This mix contains 10 tracks of the purest minimalist ambient sounds, with melodic touches characteristic of the land of the rising sun. It transports us directly to some musical heaven, to some small and carefully decorated space in Tokyo in which audiophiles gather to listen records impossible to be heard at usual clubs. Close your eyes and enjoy the trip. - TL 01. Polysick - Egeria 02. Hirsch & Eigner - Swoop 03. Tyrone Douglas - Portrait 04. Miyako Koda - Ndembu(Jordan GCZ re-edit) 05. Jay Clayton - 7/8 Thing 06. Steve Shehan - Mystic Jungle 07. Etienne Schwarcz - Thanks To José 08. Uakti - Calango em Pedra Quente 09. Robert ÆOLUS Myers - Jungle Love 10. Sign Libra - Tropical Plantarum