Thanks to Anton - Anton was born in Moscow and raised in London where he developed his musical taste. In London he held a residency at Brilliant Corners as well as a show on NTS. Currently he resides in Berlin where he is focussing on literature. Anton came up with this mix after a night out in Berghain; we could say it's the calm after the storm, as he shows us in this 10TRAX. He shared this little poem, also inspired by that same night: "The Devil shouts in my ears all the thoughts that make me unhappy, and forces me to look at pictures of them, even if I close my eyes and run. I believe the pictures and the thoughts and my heart bleeds. I think of good things and try to summon God, but God doesn't come. Sometimes God doesn't come. I spit at the Devil and throw the Devil against the wall, I have the Devil by the throat, I kill the Devil. It's as if the Devil lets me. I laugh and cry—victory is close. But as I kill the Devil another two, five, ten appear, shouting and laughing, forcing me to look at pictures of the crime I just committed, which I cannot deny; and God has come, but God's calm reassuring voice is overwhelmed by the shouting of the Devils, now too numerous to kill." If you enjoyed this mix and poem by Anton make sure to check out his other stuff: - TL 01. Ottodox - Fortune In My Arms Interlude: N1L - Fugu 02. John Tavener - Funeral Ikos 03. Cyril Diaz & His Orchestra - Tabu 04. Winsome - Untitled 05. Erykah Badu - Certainly (Flipped It) 06. DJ Clent - Fuckin Wit Clent's Day 07. Slum Village - Dirty 08. Zernell & Goodking - Keep On Running 09. K-S. H. E. - Crosstown 10. Dennis Brown - Black Magic Woman