10TRAX#60: LIE Radio


Thanks to @lieradio - LIE is a community of music lovers based in Sevilla's “el corralón de Pasaje Mallol”, a place where musicians, cats, designers, sparrows, flamencos, artisans and other neighbours live together. The community has been making mixes, parties and other musical rituals since 2013. Esteban Bove, Ana Ramírez aka Jade Tansa and Cristóbal Hidalgo aka Skinnybone Love have prepared this musical selection, a trip through the sound of our andalusí past, the legacy of the multicultural cohabitation in Al-Ándalus from 711 to 1492. This selection is a tribute to the nomads, gypsies and to everybody who have made their music their freedom, or their freedom their music. Thank you guys for this wonderful mix. Peace - TL 01. Raúl Cantizano - Zambra de la Gloria 02. Fehmi Ünlüyayla - Yeni Çiftetelli 03. Blue Mosque Call to Prayer + Lole - Anta Oumri 04. Die Art - A.N. 05. Muslimgauze - Turkish Sword Swallower 06. Tomatito y Sufi al Tuni - Flamenco Soufi 07. Dino del Monte - Tarantas (parte 1) 08. Ramón Montoya - Rondeña 09. Agujetas “El Viejo” - Caballeritos y hombres buenos 10. Juan Peña "El Lebrijano" - Canto Anónimo