10TRAX#61: Taro Nohara a.k.a. Yakenohara

Hosted by Undermad

Thanks to @YAKENOHARA - One afternoon I was navigating through environemental waves when I heard a sublime piece that I didn't take long to explore. It had been produced by a so far unknown artist for me, “UNKNOWN ME”. It belonged to a cassette from the label NOT NOT FUN RECORDS (mother-label of 100% silk), LA based. This cassette contains 8 cuts inspired by the environemment of eight sub-tropical cities, featuring field recordings, vapour-like sounds and subtle melodies. Three versatile japanese produceres are hidden behind this name: HIROKI TAKASHI, a mysterious producer whose tremendous minimalist works may transport you to unexplored dimensions , especially under the influence of determined substances (his last EP “Body Trip” in the label “Where to now?” is worth a listen). Secondly, P-RUFF, head of the japanese label “Radloop” and last but not least, the author of this week's selection, YAKENOHARA. The more I read about him the more I got surprised by his versatility. Far from only producing electronic music, this artist started his career in Hip-Hop as a beatmaker and singer. In 2009, he published an EP called “Rollin Rollin”, quite a sueccess back then. He later published an album in 2010 titled “This night is Still young” featuring his own's beats and vocals, and in 2013 he released his last hip-hop album “Sunny new life” (the three of them in the label “Felicity”). They are worth listening if we are curious about how's the scene in the other part of the world, not to mention the rhymes and flow in japanese, a language that we aren't familiar with. Aside from hip-hop, he has collaborated in remixes for diverse artists, has recorded guestmixes for several on-line radios and labels (the latter available on CD) and has been invited as a guest DJ in different events across Japan, such as the Red Bull Music Academy in 2014 or a wide range of events in the capital. We can find in his personal blog (yakenohara.blog73.fc2.com) or souncloud profile (@yakenohara) his large “mixography”, in which we can appreciate his versatility and his ample knowledge of music, since we could hear from disco, 90's house to subtle ambient or hip-hop. This week's slection contains 10 environemental tracks by japanese artists, with a voice on top of the recording exctracted from from Shuji Terayama's movie “Den-en ni shisu” (1974). Let you judge this creation for yourselves, Happy week - TL 01. Haruomi Hosono - Rajyoumon 02. YAS-KAZ - Mr.Nowhere 03. Hiroki Okano - Sand 04. Haruomi Hosono - Angkor Vat 05. Masahide Sakuma - Baroque 06. Yoshio Ojima - Evocations 2 07. INOYAMA-LAND - Stream V 08. Seigen Ono - Water Front 09. Magical Power MAKO - Open The Morning Window, The Sunshine Comes In, The Hope Of Today Is Small Bird Singing 10. Ecstasy Boys - Full Moon (Mitsuru Kotaki + Shiro's Space For Child Ambient Mix) +the monologues of the movie "Den-en ni shisu"