Thanks to @soda-lite - About a year ago, while I was venturing the deep jungles of “..”, I suddenly heard a distant chant. I decided to follow it, willing to discover its source. As I approached, this distant echo became more distinct, becoming a harmonic melody resultant of the perfect fusion between the sounds played by nature and the subtle touch of a sensible artist. Wanting to explore what ethereal entity was behind such a mesmerizing arrangement, I followed the path of sound and, all of a sudden, the bushy leaves lead out to a glade. Illuminated by the tender evening light, seated, naked on a boulder, there was a person. Their name, they had forgotten. They went by Soda Lite. Here is a fragment of what we discussed: "This mix is full of sounds that influence me, calm me, and make me hopeful for the future. Music is a beautiful and energising force, yet it wouldn't exist at all without the labor of farmers all across the world. They deserve our praise and respect. Additionally, peasant and local organic farmers everywhere need our support against the land-destroying practises of industrial agriculture. Search ‘La Via Campesina' to learn more about this, since the future of life on earth depends on it. Thanks." Thank you Alex for this amazing selection. Cheers - TL 1. Serge Korjanevski - Pétales De Voix Instrumentale 2. Craig Kupka - Electric Piano, Vibraphone and Percussion 3. Lamusa II & Tide Jewel - M10000 4. Ex-Terrestrial - ka Y 5. Soave - O.A.S.I. 6. Claude Debussy - Rhapsodie for clarinet & piano 7. Toru Takemitsu - Rain Tree 8. Hiroshi Yoshimura - Feet 9. Dean Blunt - As Long As Ropes Unravel Fake Rolex Will Travel 10. Riccardo Schirò - Cashmere Complex