Thanks to @jvacas - 10TRAX#063 has been made by local hero Juan Vacas, great DJ and long time friend from the Undermad crew. Together with his group 209 (Sefa & Estades) and his collective Real No Real (which includes many audiovisual artists), he has been organising several parties in Madrid's Sala 0 (Palacio de la Prensa). These have provided a different party format to the city, since they are hosted during the afternoon and also since they invite unusual artists with very particular sounds that are not easy to find in the capital such as As Longitude, Suso Saiz, Tussn, Juan Belda, among many others. He also participates in the project "Gathering for listening", hosted by the Madrid collective Unlocked Youth which has the following description: "For the last years, Villalba has been home for countless gatherings with the only purpose of cultural manifestation. In an old cottage embedded into the grey mountains that surround Madrid, the 209 boys Vacasj, Estades and Sefa have been researching music from the shadows, collecting and finding unexpected sonic synergies between territories, époques and movements. From french Musique Concréte to Asian esoteric ambient, going through early Krautrock and South-American field recordings. Recorded live from this outstanding location, these unpredictable excerpts will be presented as a glimpse of the regular conclaves held, so we can revisit special moments or listen back to our bran new recently-scratched records that we acquired for 3€. These gatherings occur spontaneously, with an average duration of 8 hours in which listening is the "maxima" and discussion is the natural learning method. Each one of the attendees has a particular sense of sound, collecting drive and sensitiveness - This mixture of features makes the gathering unique and personal. Art, History, Future, Science, Religion, Post-Politics, Economy and beyond are all fields exposed and submitted to dialogue". Regarding this mix, Vacas assures that even though it was recorded time ago for my Undermad friends, it feels more appropriate for this time of the year. And that we can find inside forest rhythms, progressive rock, venezuelan electronic music and some more. Thank you Juan for this wonderful selection. Peace out! - TL 1. Mike Cooper - Dr Derelict 2. Max Roach - Rumble In The Jungle 3. Juan Almeida & Rafael Somavilla- Decide Tu 4. Luiz Melodia - Baby Rose 5. Deux Filles - The Snow Falls and the Village is Overflowing with Children 6. Gringos - FM/AM 7. Chelique Sarabia - El pajarillo 8. Horrific Child - Frayeur 9. Paul K & Denis Mpung - Terra incognita 10. Danyel Gerard - Le vieux de la montagne