Thanks to @docjay_unlimited - We've reached now the 64th 10TRAX and we have the pleasure to share with you this mix done by Julius aka Doc Jay. Julius himself gave us an introduction to his music and interests: "My name is Doc Jay out of Stockholm, Sweden. I come from a background where I from an early age got into art and music and have always been very fascinated by creativity where you could feel the creator didn't really know what he or she was doing but you could tell they had fun doing it with an urge to express something that was bigger than the knowledge. When it comes to music I have always collected and played a wide range of music and always been interested in finding a logic link between different genera's. Before anything else I would say the music that have formed me the most is "boogie". That era of music during 83-84 was to me extremely essential and I can almost always trace down songs I like for being influenced by that era, which to me was just so open and really shaped my taste in music. I am part of a record label called Sunken Rock, where our aim is to bring forward music that have a "uncertain" feel, dares to be a bit vague and undefined but yet with a lot of personal honest ideas that doesn't necessarily need to follow a logic pattern. The mix I did is a small selection of tracks that all have an ambivalent mood which to me captures how I feel about this this time of the year: ”Strange in a somehow fragile but good way”. Right now I'm mostly working in the studio making art for an upcoming solo exhibition as well as trying to find room to make music and spend time with family and friends. For the label, we have some new releases coming up on Sunken Rock in the next little while that I'm super stoked about". We recommend checking out his EP Cité Des Arts, released in Sunken Rock one year ago, which includes very nice music to listen to. Thank you Doc Jay for your time & music. Enjoy! Peace - TL 1. Förslag På Musik - Stroll Music 2. Space Time Continuum – Transmitter 3. Terre Thaemlitz - Hovering Glows 4. Tony Wilson - Hangin' Out In Space (Dub Mix) 5. Metamatics - Hot Synchronomy 6. Larry Heard - Forbidden 7. No Smoke - O.A.U. In Music 7. Self Control - Just A Feeling 9. 100 Hz - Catching Spiders 10. Cold Front - Beyond The Beat