10TRAX#65: Post‑Ambient (Tomoyuki Fujii)

Hosted by Undermad

Thanks to @post-ambient-blogspot - Coming from Japan, 10TRAX # 065. Tomoyuki Fujii: "I am a music lover living in Niigata. while working in advertising industry as a graphic designer. I have organized live concerts and published small handmade music books. I have run a small music blog “森と記録の音楽 (Mori To Kiroku No Ongaku)” to share my favorite music since 2007. I am happy that it sometimes brings me the opportunity to come in contact with great musicians, labels, DJs, and music lovers living in distant countries. I would like continue it at my own slow pace". Check out! post-ambient.blogspot.com/ Thank you Tomoyuki for your contribution to the series by sharing this wonderful mix. Peace out - TL 1. Mark Egan - Valley Hymn 2. Ray Russell - Point Perfect 3. Danny Heines - Pinnacle Wheel 4. Bernardo Rubaja - Passion Fruit 5. Marc Moulin - Igor 6. Jana Kirschner - Potopa (Primavera Mix - The Phantom) 7. Mich Live - Safety Room 8. Jaak Jürisson - Laste Mängutuba 9. Juan Martin - The Diver: David Hockney 10. DSK - Catch A Clear Sky