10TRAX#66: Chris Briseño

Hosted by Undermad

Thanks to @ball_is_being - Hey! Number 66 is already here! Having just landed from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, this month's 10TRAX is signed by our friend based in New York, Christopher Briseño. Chris dropped by the Relativa studio earlier this year, profiting from the visit that he was paying to another of our main collaborators, Landon. The mix tries to recreate the radio shows that his father used to play while they were travelling by car during the early 90s. In it, you can find songs with serene harmonies with ambient, chill out or downtempo vibes, and surrounded by a crispy sound similar to a cassette damaged by the trace of time. Chris speaks: "My name is Christopher Briseño and I currently live in New York. I made this mix trying to recreate the radio shows my father used to play in his old Volvo during the early 90s. My father's affinity for Smooth Jazz and Chill Out and my mother's love for Souls and R&B have always been very influential for my musical taste. I hope that I will be able to show my children as much good music as my parents did with me. Besides music, I am passionate about basketball. I run an Instagram account called “Ball Is Being” where I share and develop content about basketball, from an artistic and cultural perspective (more precisely art and black culture). You can follow @ball_is_being if you want to learn more about it". Thanks Chris for your time and kindness. The mix is really amazing! See you next time! Peace - TL 1. Nav Katze - Wild Horse (Global Communication Remix) 2. Nemesis - The Ice Ritual 3. Mimoid - Tree Of The Moon 4. Pelican Daughters - Aurascape 5. Enya - Deireadh An Tuath 6. Rehabilual - Opening Heart 7. Transformer 2 - Prophecy 8. Ingrid Chavez - Whispering Dandelions 9. Love, Peace & Trance - Solaris 10. Deep Forest - Sweet Lullaby