10TRAX#71: Mikel


Hosted by Undermad

Hello everydoby, Hope you are all safe and sound in the middle of these weird times. Our dearest friend Mikel is signing number 71 of the series. Original from Irun, Basque Country, and based in London since 2012, he leaves us a very nice mix of 10 lovers rock and dub songs to ease these days. He told us that he has been listening to a lot of this kind of stuff during the lockdown in order to keep the good vibe alive. Mikel is a DJ resident in the Waiting Room, as well as a member of “Snap Crackle & Pop” and “Multriproceso” collectives, running parties and live concerts in venues such as Bloc, Mick's garage, The Waiting Room or Five Miles in London. He's working now on his own label where he's about to edit basque music. Projects that were not edited back in the days, or that were edited in limited editions. It will focus on basque musicians who where experimenting with electronic, folk and rock music. Mikel says: “Weird times we are living in!! I was kindly asked by Relativa to come up with 10 songs for their 10 Trax serie. I've been thinking of doing a Lovers rock/dub special for a while so this felt like the perfect moment. With no genre and no time restrictions, I made a mix with some of the stuff that has helped me cope with what's been going these past weeks. Soothing sounds for your quarantine. Hope you enjoy it! Eskerrik asko Mikel for sharing with us this lovely music. We hope you the best with your upcoming projects. We wish also the best for you all. Hope this music make everything a bit easier. Stay safe! Peace