10TRAX#72: Tara Clerkin Trio


Hosted by Undermad

Bristolians Tara Clerkin Trio sign the new 10TRAX n72. The trio, composed by Tara Clerkin, Sunny-Joe Paradisos and Patrick Benjamin, have recently released their self-titled album on the label Laura Lies In. Tara Clerkin released previously in 2017 her solo debut album “Hello” via Stolen Body. We want to give a big shout out to Max who shared with us the TCT album earlier this year and gave us the opportunity to discover this amazing group and their beautiful music. This 10TRAX brings a cool combination of downtempo, jazz, electronics and everything in between. It's perfect for welcoming the summer in this weird year. Here some words about the mix by TCT: “We've got a group for the trio on facebook where we send eachother cool stuff. Recently it's mostly been tips for bread baking, but usually we post songs we think the others will like or ones we're using for jamspiration. So here's 10 of the songs we've sent to eachother over the past few months." Be sure to check and support their stuff: @taraclerkin lauraliesin.bandcamp.com/album/tara-clerkin-trio www.youtube.com/channel/UCsNzOkiFteOjPAPpWNz73PQ www.youtube.com/user/jospar/videos We would like to say thank you to TCT for their time, kindness and love for the music. We wish them all the best in the future and we'll follow them closely. See you all soon. Stay safe! Peace PS: We almost forgot to say that the picture that goes along with this mix is a delicious-looking bread made by Tara. :¬) - TL 1. John Tchicai - Lied 2. A.R. Luciani - Battery Farm 3. Amon Tobin - Slowly 4. Cabaret Voltaire - Low Cool 5. GILA - Rider 3 (Absent Roof) 6. Matthew Friedberger - Ladies in Waiting - Waiting Forever: "You're Getting Yourself Worked Up" 7. Able Noise - The Little Day 8. Ex - Terrestrial - Ka Y 9. Hematic Sunsets - Tristesse Aromatique 10. Carl Stone - Shing Kee