10TRAX#73: Mario Silvania


Hosted by Undermad

Earlier this year, a friend and collaborator of Relativa's, Chris Briseño (@ball_is_being), sent me a song from a group called Silvania. I liked it a lot but forgot to dig deeper into them. I guess I was busy at that time. Later this year, we were invited by @matadero-madrid to do a show in Relativa with some cultural figures from Madrid called “280-Relativa”. Each guest participating was asked to choose 1-2 songs from groups/artists that, for them, represented the sound of Madrid or had a close relationship with the city. One of those guests was Jose Salas aka Josephine' Soundscapes (@machines-desirantes) from @calmamadrid / @a_mal_gam_a. He brought 2 songs from a group called Ciëlo. Both were catchy and striking. While Jose was presenting his selection, it was a pleasant surprise to discover that Ciëlo were the same group as Silvania. It was great to encounter them again, even more to find out they developed their Project in Spain (and most of all in Madrid). The peruvian duo, Mario and Cocó, began to make music as Silvania in the early 90s with a shoegaze/dream pop approach. They first released “Miel Nube Hiel” in 1992 (Experience Records from Valencia) and they later put out music on “Elefant Records”. Towards the end of the 90s, they were making a more electronic/ambient/IDM sound. In their album Delay Tambor (1996), they were remixed by the likes of Seefel or Autechre. At the start of the 00s, they decided to change their name to Ciëlo and focused on a more electro pop sound. They released beautiful music in their own label “Click New Wave”, as well as appearances in different festivals and TV Shows. Sadly, Cocó passed away in 2008. We hope that this Little tribute finds him well in the sky. Mario, who this year celebrates Silvania 30th bday, has prepared some words and a mix for us, which we are very happy and honored to share. The mix represents the influences they both had at the time when they started to make music and what pushed them to make timeless and wonderful music, because, if we had to classify Silvania's and Ciëlo's music into something, it would be in the genre “Beautiful Music”. Some words from Mario: “We were kids when hundreds of things were happening around us. Everything was an explosion of ideas left by our heros. That was Silvania. That's how we were born. We didn't care about music labels or critics. We just wanted to create and this is what we're going to do. ‘Mantén tus sueños ardiendo para siempre'. Silvania forever.” We would like to say huge thanks to Mario for his contribution, engagement, kindness and last but not least, all the music he made with Cocó which will remain forever. We hope for him all the best for the future. ¡Gracias! Thank you all for listening and stay safe out there. Peace.