10TRAX#74: Planet Dog


Hosted by Undermad

"Planet Dog Records was formed in 1993 as the record label for the travelling psychedelic dance event organisation known as Megadog. The aim of the label was to release electronic music primarily aimed at the home listener rather than music created for Club DJs. As a result, Planet Dog was one of the first UK-based electronic music labels of the 1990's to mainly focus on releasing albums rather than 12 inch singles. Over the seven years that the label was active, it released nine albums and six mini-albums by the label's four primary artists: Eat Static, Timeshard, Children of the Bong and Future Loop Foundation along with a handful of 12 inch singles. Planet Dog also released seven themed compilation albums that featured tracks by a wide variety of independent recording artists alongside a few tracks by the musicians signed to the label. These included three downtempo compilations, two dub compilations, a melodic trance compilation and one other. Three further compilation albums were released in later years following the label's most active period. The label's core style focussed on well-crafted electronic music with a strong melodic aspect and high production standards. The result is that many of the tracks released on Planet Dog have a timeless feel to them, despite having been released many years ago. The albums written by Planet Dog's four main artists are in the process of being reissued by the UK label Cherry Red as remastered editions that will include bonus tracks and unreleased material"