Passwar D, a cosmic frequency wired through human imagination, shares engaging sonic stories of its favorite earth discoveries! The extraterrestrial creature is deeply fascinated by human experiences and the nuanced emotions they elicit. It expresses its observations through experimental electronica, seeking to strengthen the aural intricacies of music that mirror the complexity of human emotional existence.  The sound of Passwar D focuses on unusual auditory sensory experiments and in-depth textural explorations. Passwar D In Sound 2023 January episode for Relativa takes the spirit of the ancient city of Plovdiv and injects its magic energy into the mix. Through the multiplex layering of tracks, sophisticated sound effects, and Passwar D's signature hybrid DJ style, the episode presents the listeners with a deep sense of mysticism, poetry, and contemplation. These meandering soundscapes offer a vast space for us not only to feel the music but to dream and imagine a new beginning.