RETROSPECTIVA SONORA #6: Ethereal Wave (Liz Harriz)


Hosted by Karlst

Retrospective About Liz Harris (also known as Grouper) and her own language in electro acoustic music. The music selection is focused in her early works, consisting on lo-fi tape recordings, rainy guitars and distorted self made voice choirs, as well as her last piano based compositions, with a cleaner -but still blurry- character. This compilation includes tracks from Harris' music projects as Grouper, Nivhek, Raum (with Jefre Cantu-Ledesma), Slow Walkers (with Lawrence English) and Mirroring (with Tiny Vipers)
1. Mirroring - Fell Sound
2. Grouper - Hold
3. Mirroring - Drowning The Call
4. Grouper - Moon Is Sharp
5. Grouper - Poison Tree
6. Grouper - Dragging the Streets
7. Raum - In Stellar Orbit
8. Slow Walkers - Wake
9. Nivhek - Night-Walking
10. Raum - Event of Your Leaving
11. Grouper - She Loves Me That Way
12. Grouper - Sick
13. Grouper - Birthday Song
14. Mirroring - Mirror Of Our Sleeping