RIFORMA PRESENTS: OHNE w/ Kinked and NOT399039



OHNE is both a 60-pages publication edited by NOT399093 and Lapo Sorride (published by Asile185, art space in 1055 Turin) and an electro-acoustic split-album on cassette composed by the same artists, printed by Riforma (the screw-wave catalogue of New Weird Italia). All in a very limited edition. Riforma is spreading mixes through indipendent web radios in order to introduce the concept and the sound entities behind the release. This mix is edited by Kinked and NOT399093 for Radio Relativa (Madrid). OHNE will be released on 19th April, aviable from now in preorder on bandcamp. https://riforma.bandcamp.com/ https://www.instagram.com/misto_mame_collective/ https://www.newweirditalia.eu/