WESTBAHN show on Radio Relativa


Hosted by Leonard Prochazka & Noel Dinse

Westbahn is a musical outlet based in Vienna, Austria. Since Noel Dinse and Leonard Prochazka established the label in 2019 their aim is to create objects for individualized auditive and haptic sensations. With the process of selecting, collecting and archiving material they reflect on their socio-political surrounding and seek for possibilities to transcend given structures. When strolling around an antique store they found a folded map. A variety of symbols and lines create a complex network. Their linguistic capabilities only allowed them to fully identify five words that were seemingly connected. Imaginary place, half-human, natural history, cosmic fantasy and surmineralism. These words were fundamental for creating the five chapters Westbahn shares in Radio Relativas FW season 2020/21.